Payouts title


Webmasters earn a straight percentage of all sales and we pay the processing fee that means webmasters get up to 65% on the sales made with no hidden deductions. Webmasters earn their percent on all sales, rebills and cross sales. After you’ve achieved a certain amount of steady sales, contact us to see if you qualify for a higher payout.

Per signup

We pay up to $40 for every sale you send, and that includes trials! The more signups per period you send - the more we can negociate your PPS rate!

Webmaster referall program

We give you the opportunity to promote us and receive a 5% referral rate for all income generated by webmasters that signup under your name. Refer the right people and profit for life.

Payment terms

Payments are sent twice a month on 1st and 16th and the minimum payment amount starts at $100. We have a 2 week holding period. We offer many different ways for webmasters to receive their payments: